Monday, July 18, 2011

Mercury Mountaineer, 2006

Mercury Mountaineer, 2006

The Mercury Mountaineer is a luxury SUV manufactured by the Mercury brand name, owned by the Ford Motor Company. The Mountaineer shares many features with the Ford Explorer, and in terms of hardware, the vehicles are virtually identical.
Externally, they are styled somewhat differently, and the Mountainer is positioned with a more upscale interior, with the Mountaineer's MSRP coming in at $1,000–6,000 more than the Explorer. It has been mildly redesigned for the 2006 model year due to a new frame, but looks very similar to its previous model.

For 2006, the Mountaineer was redesigned. This new Mountaineer was all new, although it closely resembles the previous model. The Mountaineer was mounted on a new frame, and it offered a more upscale interior, to make up for the cut Lincoln Aviator. The Mountaineer got new wheels and HID headlights, a feature not found on previous Mountaineers.

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